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Toronto Immigration Lawyer Explains Sponsorship

You might have immigrated to Canada and now you might be thinking of bringing your parents or children or your spouse to Canada. Well, it’s is indeed a good move from your end. However, in order to bring your loved ones near you, you will need to file proper sponsorship applications. With so many sponsorship applications available, it is important to ensure that you choose the right one.  In order to select the sponsorship application, you can easily take the help of a Toronto Immigration lawyer.

With the immigration law becoming complex every year, it is important to take the help of an immigration lawyer. The lawyer can help the clients to remain updated about the changing laws and will also ensure that the process of immigration and sponsorship goes out smoothly. The lawyers can help people to have a proper understanding of Canadian Immigration Program.

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Canadian Immigration

Before one decides to plan to provide a sponsorship visa for their loved ones it is very important to know about the program. Canadian government is constantly changing their program so that the Canadian immigration becomes successful.

Basically, there are several programs that can help one to immigrate to Canada. However, each program is designed for specific purposes. For example, the Federal and Quebec Skilled Workers Program are ideal for skilled workers. Similarly, if someone wants to bring their family members to Canada, they can opt for the Family Class Sponsorship Program.

Guide You about Various Sponsorship Programs

Toronto Immigration lawyer can help client to navigate through various sponsorship programs that are available in order to immigrate to Canada.

Family Class Sponsorship: If you are a permanent resident of Canada who want their loved ones to settle in Canada can apply for Family Class Visa. Generally, permanent residents of Canada and those above 18 years of age can sponsor their family members. However, the person who is sponsoring the family members should be financially capable to provide support to them after they arrive in the country.

Toronto Immigration lawyer explains that unlike spousal sponsorship program, under family class sponsorship parents, dependent children, grandparents, conjugal partner, sister or brother below 18 years of age are eligible for the sponsorship.

Spousal Sponsorship: This kind of sponsorship program usually falls under the category if Family Class Immigration. Under this program, a Canadian citizen or a permanent citizen can only sponsor a common-law partner or a spouse.

Obligations: However, the only accountability that comes with the sponsorship program is that the sponsors are required to sign an agreement. In the agreement the sponsor will need to assume the duty of looking after the basic needs of the sponsored person from the moment they enter Canada. The sponsor must willingly repay the Canadian government the amount of money that has been provided to the sponsored. The Toronto Immigration lawyer can guide sponsors and the sponsored with the sponsorship applications.

Toronto Immigration lawyer can help sponsors in correctly filing the application and carrying out the necessary paperwork. Successfully filing the application can help to remain assured that the Canadian citizen can sponsor their family members and unite with them as fast as possible. For more info, read here!

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