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How Can a Criminal Lawyer Help You Defend Drugs Possession Charge?

Every year thousands of people are arrested with drug possession charge, either for personal use or with intention to sell it. Drug related charges are associated with the possession of drugs like Marijuana, Ecstasy (MDMA), Heroin, and Cocaine. As it is against law to possess a drug of dependence so when a person is charged with drug possession, they can face serious penalties. So if you have been charged with a possession of drug case, it would be better to take the help of a criminal lawyercriminal lawyer

As there are several ways to fight a charge for drug possession, one should take the help of a criminal defense attorney. When you are hiring an experienced attorney for dealing with your drug charges, it can increase the chance to protect your rights and also your reputation.


Drug Crimes

In the US, cultivation, possession, distribution, consumption of certain drugs is prohibited under federal and state laws. It is considered as a crime.

Punishment and Penalties

Various factors are taken into consideration while considering the punishment or penalties for drug crimes.  Some of the factors are:

  • Amount of the substance obtained from the crime scene.
  • Type of drug seized from the person.
  • Whether the person charged has been charged previously also.
  • The purpose behind the possession of the drug.

After considering these factors, the judge and the jury decides, whether it was a misdemeanor or a felony, and decides the penalty/punishment for the crime.

Why Hire a Lawyer?

In fact, charges related to drug possession can put the entire life of the accused at stake.  Possessing a drug is not regarded as a minor offense and when a person is convicted of drug possession, or for a felony, it can have a long-term impact on their future career. Getting convicted will definitely put you on record and you will get a bad reputation.

For drug related crimes, there is a separate way to approach the law. Defense lawyers have a deep knowledge of the laws. They know the right way to defend the charges or lessen the allegations.

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Ensure Analysis is done

A skilled attorney will make sure of the fact that the prosecution proves the seized substance is an illicit drug in front of the judge. They should send it for analysis and the crime lab analyst should testify about it at trial.

Ensure You Were Not Trapped

A good attorney will carry on independent investigation and collect evidences that could help to defend a case. He will ensure unlawful search has not been conducted. If it has been done it will not be considered as evidence and it will weaken the case. They will cross-examine the witnesses and nullify the case provided by the prosecution.

Missing Drugs

A criminal attorney will ensure the actual drugs are produced for which their client has been charged. If the prosecutor doesn’t have it, they can lose the case.

Hiring an experienced defense attorney can help in defending a drug possession case by reducing the crime charges of your crime by coaxing the judge and the prosecutor to reduce the severity of punishment.

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