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Daily Archives: May 17, 2017

Applying for Immigration Appeals with an Immigration Lawyer

Canada is a country that sees a huge influx of foreign immigrants every year. The country is mostly preferred for immigrating by foreign nationals for various reasons. It has been seen that the Canadian government is changing the laws related to Canadian immigration from time to time. If you don’t keep yourself updated about the changing laws while filing the immigration application or citizenship application, your application may get rejected. Thus, the best thing to do while filing an immigration application is to consult an immigration lawyer.

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How A Lawyer Helps You Out?

If you have submitted an application for Immigration to Canada, you might get a letter from the Canadian Immigration department stating that your application has been rejected. However, you should not panic at this small thing. In fact, you have options to fight against it.

Assess Your Case

Well, you will need to take the help of an immigration lawyer who will assess your case. They will try to evaluate on which grounds your immigration application has been rejected. After going through your case thoroughly they will decide if there is a chance of resubmitting your application or you will need to re-apply.

In fact, the lawyers will help the clients get acquainted with the various types of immigration decision against which appeals can be made. Thus, they can help clients in filing an appeal with the Immigration Appeal Division.

Help Clients with Appealstoronto immigration lawyer

The Canadian government gives applicants the right to appeal against negative rulings. However, one should appeal against the immigration rejection within the stipulated date. Immigration appeal lawyers can come up with a well-defined strategy that can help in maximizing the chance of being successful during immigration appeals. Immigration appeal lawyers will evaluate the case and will try to prove the reason offered behind your application rejection is unreasonable.

Representing clients during Appeals

Whether an applicant has filed an appeal in the Immigration Division (ID), Refugee Protection Division (RPD), or in the Refugee Appeal Division (RAD); immigration lawyer will represent clients and will fight for them. In fact, the lawyer can help clients during the hearings by trying to prove that the allegations are not well-founded. Based on the evidences the immigration lawyer provides, ID can easily stop the hearings and ask the immigration authorities to give the concerned applicant the visa.

Ensure Your Right Was Not Breached

Immigration appeal lawyers while reviewing your case will try to make sure your right to receive fair trial is not busted and important evidences has not been overlooked. If needed, they will argue on the point that decision didn’t complied, with the Canada’s international obligations.

Help Clients with Various Types of Appeals

In fact, immigration lawyer can help clients in various types of appeals. They are:

  • Sponsorship Appeals
  • Removal Order Appeals
  • Residency Obligation Appeals

Usually, the immigration appeal process takes a long time. In order to make the process fast and simpler immigration lawyer should be hired. They have a full knowledge about the appeal process and will come up with the right arguments at appeal proceedings. This would help an applicant to win their case very easily.